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Jindal Naturecure Institute Reviews - Senthilkumar

Jindal Naturecure Institute Reviews


Good Accomodation and Treatment


I stayed at Jindal Naturecure Institute a couple of months back. I must say their program is tough to endure. Very strict dietary restrictions, lots of exercises and Yoga to be endured regularly as a routine If you pull the first couple of days through, you will see a lot of benefits in store for you . I actually had a lot of problems due to my BP, diabetes and cholesterol and what I liked about JNI was that they took the time to personalize the program for me. They put me on a specific diet, got me to do a lot of walking, Yoga and a few Yogic Kriya, in short, they were always mindful of me, and hence of my BP problem, and directed me accordingly . Sticking to the regimen is tough as many have pointed out, but then if you want to be healthy and manage your problems without a truckload of medicines, there is no better way to do so than following the nature’s rule in diet, exercise and rest.

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