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Jindal Naturecure Institute Reviews


Excellent place for naturopathy treatment


The ambience of Jindal is really soothing surrounded by natural beauty, which leaves every visitor spellbound. It is an excellent place for naturopathy treatment. Two months ago, I had a severe backache. Dr suggested naturopathy treatment for ten days. Even though the treatment was rigorous with a change in lifestyle and diet, it reduced my problem. I am completely satisfied with the treatment. The treatment involved a basic yoga asana for all and asana covering specific problems of the inwards, a separate free exercise is taught concentrating on the part getting affected either be it of the pressure building exercise or acupressure till one gets satisfied of the problem getting relieved. A follow-up case is being maintained to know the status of the person suffering. The staff and the teachers are so friendly and cooperative that one forgets that they are in a different place. Also, a word of caution is always advised to members not to over-stretch the body thus harming oneself.

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